GMCS is a small company in a small, but progressive state. In addition to being as transparent as possible throughout the entire process for each project, we pride ourselves on offering a solid value for your investment into solar-sourced, emissions-free energy generation. Here is how we operate;

1. We will focus on non-agricultural land or land which is of lower agricultural quality.

2. We will be sensitive to nationally and locally protected landscapes and nature conservation areas, and we welcome opportunities to enhance the ecological value of the land.

3. We will minimize visual impact where possible and maintain appropriate screening throughout the lifetime of the project.

4. We will engage with the community as soon as we believe we have a viable project and agreement with a landowner regarding public discussion of plans.

5. We will encourage land diversification by proposing continued agricultural use or incorporating biodiversity measures within our projects.

6. We will do as much buying and employing locally as possible.

7. We will act considerately during construction, and steward the land for the lifetime of the project.

8. We will listen to local community groups and individuals and hear their views and suggestions.

9. We commit to using the solar farm as an educational opportunity, where appropriate.

10. At the end of the project life we will return the land to its former use.