Waterford Construction Progress Slide Show

Waterford Solar CPG Application Map

Site plan map submitted with CPG application.

Waterford Post Testing January 19 2016

Post driving, lateral and pull testing occurred on January 19th. It was 4 degrees out!

Site Sketch Waterford-page-001

Layout plan

Survey Total Station Prep Image

Preparing total station survey tool to pinpoint row locations and orientations.

Survey Layout Image

Ben Gordesky, renewable energy manager of DC Energy Innovations, Inc., our installation contractor.

Post Driving May 4 2016

KMK's drives posts on May 4, 2016.

Waterford Contractors

DC Energy Innovations, Inc. is our general contractor. KMK is our post-driving subcontractor.

Racking Staged at Waterford

First two racks' posts driven. Foreground shows Schletter racks staged for installation.

racking progress

Racking process.


Initial racking and conduit for DC collection. Note pallet of solar panels.

panel setting

Solarworld 325 Watt panels being placed on Schletter racks.


Overview of 660 panels. Note silt fence defining construction area.

Panel detail

AC combiner box 1 of 2. Fronius 12.5 kW inverter (one of 12)

AC to Pole Pull

Pulling AC conductors to GMP pole.

GMP interconnect

June 14, 2016 GMP interconnect.

GMCS applied to Vermont’s Public Service board, on September 18, 2015 for a Certificate of Public Good to install and operate a 150 kW photovoltaic solar array at 199 E. Village Road in Waterford, VT. Its Certificate of Public Good CPG #6703 was issued Nov. 25, 2015.

Site geotechnical testing occurred on January 19th. Soils and post driveability, pull resistance and lateral strength were tested. These are used to set design parameters for racking systems. Our installation contractor mapped property corners to define exact array layout. GMP’s interconnection plan has been finalized with their St. Johnsbury office.


On Wednesday, April 20, Ben Gordesky (Renewable Energy Manager for DC Energy Innovations, Inc (our Burlington based project manager and installer)) and I met with Darrell Matthews of Matthews Excavating of Waterford and laid out the construction access road. Darrell’s crew built the road on Monday/Tuesday, April 25/26. Darrell will also perform trenching for conduit.
Ben laid out the locations for the 15 racks using a TotalStation – seven rows of two racks and one row of one rack, for 15 total racks. The racks are oriented 20 degrees west of east-west so to capture the value of the slight southwesterly slope and excellent western view from the site. Each rack will have forty four 325 watt (DC) SolarWorld panels on them. The panels on these racks will be connected proportionally to twelve 12.5kW Fronius Primo Lite inverters to get us to our permitted 150 kW (AC) output.
The posts and racking were delivered from South Carolina on Wednesday, May 4th and KMK commenced installation of the posts that day with racking installation scheduled to start Monday, May 9th. Placement of the panels and wiring follow.
Panel Sales:  The inventory of panels is sold out. Please inquire about our Lunenburg site.

Technical specifications:  Ground mounted solar array. 214.5 kW DC, 150 kW AC capacity. 660 Solarworld 325 XL Mono solar modules, Fronius Primo Lite 12.5 kW, Fronius data manager, Schletter racks.

The credit sharing partner is the Town of St. Johnsbury per a February 29, 2016 agreement.

The 31 year lease agreement with the Colby’s was executed on February 29, 2016.

The Stormwater NOI was posted at the Waterford Town offices on February 29, 2016.

The installation contract with DC Energy Innovations was executed on February 29, 2016.