All panels have been sold. Additional panels are now available at our Waterford site. Contact us now to reserve yours.

The site’s first connection to the grid occurred Dec 31, 2015. Formal commissioning occurred January 15th, 2016. The permit application to the Vermont Public Service Board was submitted on March 20, 2015 and issued as Groton CS CPG #NM-5959 on May 18, 2015. Local contractors (Puffer Excavating) started work on September 3rd once our Stormwater NOI was filed. Green Mountain Power indicated that the power lines in the area can accept the 150 kW output of the project. All abutting land owners and Groton town stakeholders were notified through the permitting process of their option to comment and / or request a hearing with the Public Service Board on the project. No comments were filed.

Our credit sharing partner for this site is Blue Mountain Union School in nearby Newbury. They accept net metering credits generated by the panels we own and by panels owned by folks who are not in GMP service territory. BMU pays us a percentage of these credits’ value ensuring we can maintain the array and provide a return on investment for the non-GMP territory owners. The portion of the credit value kept by BMU reduces their utility bill.

Racks are Schletter. Panels Canadian Solar 300_310 CS6X-P (the 310 watt module) and inverters are SMA. Our installer and lead maintenance contractor is DC Energy Innovations, Inc. of Burlington VT. Ben Gordesky is the project manager.

The land is owned by Green Mountain Community Solar LLC through its subsidiary, Groton Timberworks Community Solar LLC.

Timberworks Construction

Groton Vermont

Survey of land - owned by Groton Community Solar LLC.

Post Testing - Setember

Site Plan

Graded Site - October

Posts and Racks Staged - November

First posts - Nov 18th

GMP interconnection pole along Route 302

Staged posts and racking

Gyke post impact driving machine

Cap installation

Racking being squared

Our installation contractor

The first panel - Nov 23

GMP sets pole - Nov 30

Concrete footers required on about half of the posts on the last two rows - Dec 9th

Panel installation complete Dec 18th

Meter socket installation Dec 22nd

From right: GMP Disconnect, GMP Meter, Solar Farm Disconnect, Three of seven inverters. Dec 28th

Two 10 kW and five 24 kW SMA inverters placed. Wires being pulled through conduits as of 2 PM Dec. 30

Contractor working into evening to meet end of 2015 deadline.

Commissioning January 2016