Tannery Brook, Groton solar farm located on dump site.

Tannery Brook, Groton solar farm located on dump site.

CPG NM#5007 with the VT Public Service Board was issued on October 16, 2014.

The site’s 654 Canadian Solar 260 watt (DC) panels are arranged east-west, five high landscape on ground mounts. Seven 20 kW SUNNY TRIPOWER 20000 TL-US inverters convert the DC electricity output from groups of 96 panels to alternating current required for connection to the grid. Total output is 140 kW AC. Expected productivity is approximately 200,000 kWhs in the first full year, depending on weather.

The service connection with GMP is through a overhead “secondary drop” line that extends from GMP’s existing power line (three-phase service) along Rt 302 through three transformers to the new pole #712219 and then down to our interconnection pedestal in the north east corner of the site. FairPoint provides our interconnect through the same pole.

The group of solar farmers here is comprised of 13 residences, with the average residence having purchased 13 panels. One-third of the panels (200) are owned by Wells River Savings Bank. The other 15% are owned by Catamount Film & Arts in St. Johnsbury. The remaining 20% of the panels are owned by the project and credits from those panels are used to pay for operating costs.

Construction of Groton #1 – 140 kW

Results of operations are tabulated below and are periodically updated.



Live image of site.

Actual results – note approximate 3 hr time delay.