This solar array is situated in an abandoned gravel pit.

This solar array is situated in an abandoned gravel pit.

The Chester CPG (GNM NM #5843) was issued March 18, 2015. The array was energized on July 14, 2015.

As of November 10, 2015, of the available 780 panels, 67% were sold to businesses and residents in Vermont. 33% were retained by West Chester Community Solar LLC. Output from all panels is assigned to Green Mountain Power accounts. The owners of panels who don’t have their own GMP account get paid 90% of the value of the credits their panels produce for our partner’s GMP accounts. Each will save approximately $70 per year on a GMP bill. Panels at Chester sold for $1,000 each.

The panels are HanwhaQ QPro-G4 265 watt poly crystalline panels (EU technical design location, S. Korean HQ, and manufacturing in various locations. These particular panels are shipped from Europe this spring).

The Eddy Road solar array in Chester was constructed in a depleted and abandoned gravel pit on the former Eddy farm. Construction started April 27, 2015. Northeast Excavating of Chester, owned and operated by Kevin Morton, cleared and terraced the land in advance of the installation. Soveren Solar of Putney VT installed the racks, panels and wiring. Green Mountain Power provided the transformer, meter, and grid interconnect. Below is a chart of production to date versus NREL’s forecast for this type of installation at this geographic location.


View the system output and other information from Fronius Solar.web

Here is an example from August 28, 2015 of the Fronius Solar Web output. If you click on this picture it will take you to today’s actual output.

Fronius Solar Web Output Example

Example of inverter web-based output. Click on image to see real time output.

View the web cam of the Chester site: