Green Mountain Community Solar operates five community solar farms.

Waterford VT – 150 kW
GMCS applied to Vermont’s Public Service board, on September 18, 2015 for a Certificate of Public Good to install and operate a 150 kW photovoltaic solar array at 199 E. Village Road in Waterford, VT. Its Certificate of Public Good CPG #6703 was issued Nov. 25, 2015. More…

Waterford VT – 150 kW

Tannery Brook, Groton VT – 140 kW
CPG from the VT Public Service Board was issued on October 16, 2014.The site’s 654 Canadian Solar 260 watt (DC) panels are arranged east-west, five high landscape on ground mounts. Seven 20 kW SUNNY TRIPOWER 20000 TL-US inverters convert the DC electricity output from groups of 96 panels to alternating current required for connection to the grid. Total output is 140 kW AC. More...

Tannery Brook, Groton VT – 140 kW

Timberworks Groton VT – 150kW
The site’s first connection to the grid occurred Dec 31, 2015. Formal commissioning occurred January 15th, 2016. More…

Timberworks, Groton VT – 150 kW

Eddy Rd, Chester VT – 150kW
The Chester CPG (GNM NM #5843) was issued March 18, 2015. The array was energized on July 14, 2015. More…

Eddy Rd, Chester VT – 150 kW

Londonderry VT – 336kW
Phase one permit application for a 150 kW community solar farm was received from the VT Public Service Board on September 28, 2015 and the associated wetlands permit received September 2, 2016. Construction complete February 2017. Phase 2 permitting completed with issuance of full cpg NMP #6441 on April 4, 2018. Construction fall 2018.

Londonderry VT – 150kW