We partner with corporate and municipal organizations whose GMP account is likely to be consistent in volume and will be in business for the foreseeable future.

For our Groton #1 site, we partnered exclusively with the Norwich Inn.

For our Chester solar farm, we partnered with Little Rivers Health Care, the Norwich Inn and the Bradford Public Library.

For our Groton Timberworks site, we’ve partnered with Blue Mountain Union School.

For our Waterford site, we’ve partnered with the town of St. Johnsbury.

For our Londonderry site, we’ve partnered with ____________.

It is these partners, whose acceptance of solar credits on their GMP bills and their subsequent payment to us of approximately 90% of the value of those credits that allows us and our non-GMP customers to monetize their investments. The solar industry refers to these partners as offtakers engaged in a Power Purchase Agreement.