A Middlebury College graduate, Bruce is a small business owner and financial consultant for businesses. He lives in Norwich, VT. Bruce will be the one who your E-Mail or phone call will reach. He will work with you to plan your panel purchase and savings.


A Northeast Kingdom family doctor, Steve lives on a solar-powered hillside in South Ryegate, VT. Steve is also a Middlebury College graduate and studied medicine at Dartmouth in the ’80s.


JAMIE O’CONNOR (not pictured)
A Northeast Kingdom nurse and home-school teacher, Jamie also lives on a solar-powered hillside in South Ryegate, VT. Jamie attended Carleton College.

GMCS was conceived on a hike up NH’s Mt Moosilauke, when brother Steve mentioned that his 6 kW array of solar panels was producing more credits than they could use on their farm.

Did he know that VT’s Net Metering Law  (30 V.S.A. 219a) allows assignment of excess credits to other folks in the same utility territory? Steve quickly put two and two together and said, “if that’s so, why don’t we build a lot more than 6 kW?” He found some nearby land with good solar access, in Green Mountain Power’s service territory and let his friends who were interested in solar know they now had an option. Bruce evaluated the business arrangements and now runs the day-to-day operations.